Dmt Meditation: The Guide to Channeling Your Endogenous Dmt

Author: Adrian Bolio


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DMT Meditation: The guide to channeling your endogenous DMT. Humans have extraordinary abilities that range from the physical to the mental and spiritual. The pineal gland within the human brain is responsible for producing and releasing a natural powerful psychedelic molecule known as DMT, dimethyltrptamine. DMT has been linked to birth, death, and reincarnation, as well as a multitude of other fascinating experiences. This guide shows how to activate the pineal gland and control the release of this molecule into the human body for use on command. Dreams, visions, fractals, and many odd phenomenon can be traced to the pineal gland, but there are also benefits in learning this meditation technique. From increased energy to happiness and treating depression to heightened mental control, DMT has the ability to expand human consciousness. Part of its function within the body is the healing factor know to self heal mentally and physically. This guide will also focus on body awareness, sensing and utilizing internal energy, and opening up people’s minds to a powerful and eye opening experience that is not found in modern academia and colleges. A meditation practice long forgotten and buried in secrecy is at your fingertips, but ready for only those who have the courage to make the mental journey. -Increased Vitality on Command -Treat and Mitigate Depression -Find Happiness Within and Around -Greater Perspective on Life -Awareness of Internal Energy and Frequencies -Increased Mental Strength and Abilities -Self Heal, Relaxation, and Calmness

ISBN: 9781544711164
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Pub Date: 03/2017
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