Disability and Inclusive Communities

Author: Kevin Timpe



Disability and Inclusive Communities intends to help readers learn how to build communities that fully include people with disabilities. Often our social practices unintentionally exclude those with disabilities by making it difficult for them to fully participate in the community. These practices hurt those whom we exclude. But they are also bad for our communities as a whole. Our communities–from our churches to our schools to our workplaces–are worse off when we exclude those with disabilities. We miss out on the opportunity to learn from complex, complete human beings who experience life in different ways. We miss out on becoming the Body of Christ in all its fullness. But our communities become better places for everyone when we pursue policies and practices of inclusion. Good intentions aren’t enough. We need good social practices to make our communities more inclusive. For when we do that, all of us are better off.

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Publisher: Calvin College Press
Pub Date: 12/2018
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