Develop Your Telekinesis Skill: A Guide to Advanced Telekinesis Practice

Author: Zainurrahman


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Do you want to develop your telekinesis skills? Everyone who has practiced telekinesis will want to develop their ability to be able to move larger and heavier objects. It shouldn’t be as hard as you think. Let’s look at the hopes of others who still fail to do telekinesis even at their hundredth attempt. Where was their fault that they were still unable to move objects as light as a straw?In 2019, the author published a book on the same topic, telekinesis. The book described the procedures of telekinesis training seriously. The book has invited testimonials that were followed by appreciation and questions. The important questions that prompted the author to write this second book were: “why am I still unable to move the object?” and “how can I move heavier and larger objects?”This book is the answer to various questions about telekinesis. In the beginning, this book was intended for advanced learners and not for beginners. Nevertheless, even beginners should be able to learn telekinesis easily through this book.This book discusses how to focus appropriately in telekinesis, how to increase energy levels, how to use emotions for telekinesis, how to access appropriate and effective conditions of mind for telekinesis, and so on. In essence, anyone who fails with techniques obtained from other sources will succeed through the techniques taught by the author in his telekinesis books. Furthermore, this book doesn’t just tell you what to do; this book also shows where your mistakes are (in telekinesis practice) and what you need to do to correct those mistakes. You are very capable of doing telekinesis and this book is your friend in practice.If you think you need to read the previous book, here is the link (Telekinesis: A Serious Guide): https: //

ISBN: 9798603525419
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Pub Date: 01/2020
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