Decoding Talent: How AI and Big Data Can Solve Your Company’s People Puzzle


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Harness the power of artificial intelligence in hiring

The typical hiring process is fraught with complexity, inefficiency, and bias and often shuts out the most talented candidates. Decoding Talent: How AI and Big Data Can Solve Your Company’s People Puzzle makes the case for using complex advanced technologies to move past these problems toward effortless optimal candidate decisions.

AI experts Eric Sydell, Mike Hudy, and Michael Ashley explain why the traditional resume-based process is out of date, why hiring is difficult, the cost of bad people decisions, how bias interferes in hiring practices, and how AI can address these problems.

Decoding Talent reveals that using AI in hiring doesn’t require your human resource professionals to unlearn and relearn their craft; rather, machine learning can complement their skills by consolidating and analyzing data to recommend actions. Imagine a world in which you didn’t have to wonder:

  • Who is the best candidate for the job?
  • What is the return on investment of our hiring process?
  • Is our hiring process fair and equitable?
  • Is our human talent deployed optimally across our organization?
  • What can human resources do to better drive business outcomes for our company?
  • Is our candidate experience adding value to our brand?

Incorporating scientifically based hiring can make this world a reality, benefiting both your company and the candidates for hire.

ISBN: 9781639080090
Publisher: Fast Company Press
Pub Date: 03/2022
Format: Hardcover

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