Death and Lies in Giggle Water Creek


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Publisher: Rosedog Books
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Death and Lies in Giggle Water Creek

By: Tyranny Hovey

Kenna McIntosh has been summoned home to Giggle Water Creek, Missouri. Her grandfather’s disappearance sends her on a journey to her hometown after being gone for fifteen years. Soon after her arrival, she learns that home isn’t what she remembers. Childhood friends are clearly keeping secrets from her.

On top of dealing with her grief for her grandfather, her dead mom’s ghost is haunting her again, plumbing in the town keeps going haywire, and somewhere is a leather book written in Latin that has to be found. Kenna will need a case of Poptops and the entire 80’s hair band catalog to solve her quest. Kenna picked a bad time to quit smoking.

About the Author

Tyranny Hovey started her first book in the fifth grade. Her teacher took the manuscript after her classmates complained she was writing stories about them. The names had been changed for their privacy. She has been having adventures with her imaginary friends and enemies since. Currently she resides in East Texas in a house full of rescued cats and dogs. There’s still a few strays she’s trying to coax into the house.

ISBN: 9798887291116
Publisher: Rosedog Books
Pub Date: 12/2022
Format: Paperback
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Weight 0.50 lbs
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