Daily Spanish For Beginners: How To Easily Speak Spanish With Only 12 Minutes Of Practice A Day



Are you interested in learning to speak Spanish and are looking for the right teacher?
Have you tried learning Spanish before, but nothing stuck with you?
Or do you want to learn but don’t have the time to practice for an hour a day?

If any of those questions sound like you, this guide is the right fit for you.

There are many strategies out there for learning a new skill because one solution does not work for everyone. Everyone learns differently.

Maybe you took Spanish classes in school and you had to memorize lists of words and regurgitate phrases to pass a test.

This book takes a different approach. Rather than cramming information, you will understand how the Spanish language works in short, guided daily lessons.

You will spend less than 12 minutes a day building your Spanish speaking skills.

A 2012 article in the British Journal of General Practice by Benjamin Gardner, Phillippa Lally, and Jane Wardle reveals the power of building daily habits to make changes in your life.

Through daily repetition, tasks like learning a new language become automatic and take less cognitive energy to complete, as it is now a part of your routine.

This guide uses this approach and teaches you the fundamental words, phrases, and concepts in short lessons, so you can easily add it to your routine

In this guide, you’ll discover:

The absolute best method for you to develop Spanish speaking skills – without requiring a ton of time you don’t have

– How you can learn Spanish at your own pace – without committing to an unrealistic project you won’t stick to.

– An easy-to-carry guide that works on the go, friendly for your mobile lifestyle

– The most foolproof way to build your Spanish vocabulary in an applicable and logical way

– Daily lessons, already designed for you, so you don’t have to plan or organize anything and just open your book

– How to sound like a native Spanish speaker with this one-of-a-kind pronunciation guide (because it’s actually useful )

– Why it will take you a lot longer to speak fluently if you don’t use these 5 tricks (hint: do you love to travel?)

How to navigate real-life situations when you travel to Spanish speaking countries, even if you’ve never spoken to a native Spanish speaker in your life

…and much, much more

Learning a language is about more than memorizing words, it’s also learning about a different culture and seeing the world through a new angle.

While this guide does give you words and phrases to learn and memorize, it also teaches you about cultures that speak Spanish through understanding how the language works and opens up opportunities for you to grow and learn more about the world.

So, what are you waiting for?

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