Daily Creative: A Practical Guide for Staying Prolific, Brilliant, and Healthy

Author: Todd Henry


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Publisher: Simple Truths
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From the bestselling author of The Accidental Creative and Die Empty comes an inspirational guide that helps spark creative energy–day in and day out.

Even if you don’t think of yourself as creative, you’d probably be surprised by how many creative tools you use every day. You solve problems, design, write, invent, or in other words–create. But the pressure we feel to continually create value with our minds can cause tremendous stress and eventually neutralize our ability to be effective in our roles long term.

The Daily Creative is a daily reader for busy professionals, creative and otherwise, designed to help you gain focus for your day and advance toward your goals.

Each daily reading is:

  • Quick: Takes less than 5 minutes to complete
  • Focused: Centers around a specific theme
  • Inspiring: Includes a quote from great thinkers and creatives throughout history
  • Actionable: Wraps with a daily action to help you achieve results

Combat burnout with this daily toolkit that can help you feel reenergized and ready for innovation!

ISBN: 9781728256641
Publisher: Simple Truths
Pub Date: 09/2022
Format: Paperback

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