Critical Thinking Beginner’s Guide: Learn How Reasoning by Logic Improves Effective Problem Solving. The Tools to Think Smarter, Level up Intuition to


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Do you often think there is something in your mind hindering your success?

Do you know that each of us has an untapped potential?

Have you ever got easily frustrated and irritated with matters issues you can’t control?

Do you have any regrets because you could have avoided problems if only you had thought about it before?

Have you made terrible decisions and need to make a complete 180-degree change in your life‘s direction?

Whenever you have a problem, you must avoid decision-making based on emotions or prejudices and face it with a critical mind.

The best way to improve how we think is to train changing our thinking habits. Learn how to clarify to show the links between the problem, its causes and potential solutions: this book will provide you with all the tools and skills you need to learn through practical exercises.

Improving critical thinking is part of your personal growth: you will learn how to feed your mind and reach your full potential.

In this book, you will learn:

  • Many Questions you Could Ask Yourself to Evaluate Your Weaknesses and Your Strengths in Thinking

  • Techniques to Get Out the Most of Your Time

  • 8 Subskills to Find an Answer to a Problem and Develop New Ideas

  • How to Make Better Choices Using Both Logic and Creativity

  • The 5 Aspects That Influence Our Choices

  • Analyzing Facts and Applying Logic

  • Tips for Being a Better Decision-Maker

  • 3 Non-Mental Stuff you Need to Make Sure Your Brain is in Great Physical Health

  • 40 Powerful Strategies to Improve Critical Thinking

  • 12 Effective Practical Recommendations for Introducing the Scientific Method into Your Lives

  • Identify Other People’s Arguments and Critically Deal With Fake News

  • Essential Mental Exercises

Whether you make a decision surrounding your personal life or one that deals with a professional side, you’ll have to make some tough choices throughout time.

Sometimes we blame others, outside sources, and general fate for how we have ended up. Whether you are a logical thinker or you are more creative, you will learn to combine both logic and creativity to make better choices.

Did you make a wrong decision? You will be able to learn something from this mistake, giving yourself a better chance to improve next time. You will learn a sequence of key steps that will lead you from understanding your problem to implementing the best possible solution.

You should be the person that is able to decide the fate of your future. Take control over your future

Challenge and train your thinking whenever you have spare time and start building your foundation towards being a critical thinker. Are you anxious to become a critical thinker? It is a need to say yes to the challenge in improving our thinking.

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