Creole Country: TransAtlantic Kindred Grammars



Pre-Historic Obama Migration: Creole Louisiana Zydeco

An examination of the grammatical structure of Ancient Egyptian provides clues to the grammatical structure of Proto-African and all of its descendant languages. This volume, entitled Creole Country, gives a unique account of the languages called Creoles and Pidgins, their history and origins based in Africa human cognition, by an author who is a resident speaker of Louisiana English Creole (LCE). A native of New Iberia of Hot Sauce fame, Merelyn Bates-Mims is a descendant of slaves, her Papa Ed Bates, born in 1860s Virginia, being a force in her early years. Concerning the “I be” common to the regions and peoples of her birth, the quest for identifying the protolithic cognition, the DNA of such languages, became the focus of her doctoral research. This book on linguistics is exceptional in that it renders a full scope of the culture, language, and history that encompasses the proposition called ‘creole’. The Fulbright Research award provided the support for proving her thesis, ultimately revealing Ancient Egyptian as the ‘proto’ imprint of inter-continental creoles, pidgins, and Black English.

ISBN: 9781977212689
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Pub Date: 11/2019
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