Creepy Florida: Phantom Pirates, the Hog Island Witch, the DeMented Doctor at the Don Vicente and More



The sweltering heat of the Florida sun breaks as a chill runs down your spine. A dark shadow looms from a nearby tourist trap–you didn’t expect to find this kind of shade in Florida. If only there was some sort of travel guide to steer you through the spookier locales. Well, you’re in luck. Check in at The Biltmore in Coral Gables to spot the ghost of slain Fatty Walsh roaming the thirteenth floor. Sit down for a meal with the spirit of Ethel Allen at Ashley’s Restaurant in Rockledge. Visit haunted graveyards, museums, parks and battlefields. Hear macabre stories of spectral pirates, gangsters, witches and madmen. From phantasmagoric packs of Madam McCoy’s girls on Pensacola streets down to the ghostly clacking of Hemingway’s typewriter in the Keys, Mark Muncy and Kari Schultz lead brave readers through the darkest locations in the Sunshine State.

ISBN: 9781540240699
Publisher: History Press Library Editions
Pub Date: 09/2019
Format: Hardcover
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Size: 9.00h x 6.00w x 0.38d

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Weight 0.81 lbs
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