Corner to Corner Crochet: Step by Step Guide on How to Crochet Corner to Corner with 20 Contemporary Projects for Beginners


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Have you started Crocheting and still wondering how to go about the Corner to Corner? Well, it quite common for beginners.

You only need some pieces of fabric which comprises of worked squares in diagonal rows, begins from a corner and round up in the other opposite corner, no wonder the name “Corner to Corner Crochet”.

Completing this book will offer you the chance to learn and master Crochet basics in the following headings: items needed for crocheting, weights of yarn, crochet hook: size, the gauge, the crocheting procedures, some common abbreviations, some crochet explanations.

While the General crocheting techniques has been treated under these headings as a bonus:

How to fix yarn to the crochet hook, how to hold a crochet hook, how to apply tension in yarn during crocheting, how to hold yarn during crocheting, how to crochet an even stitch, how to crochet a chain, how to make a single crochet, how to make a double crochet.

What are you still waiting for and who knows if you could be the best crocheter in your city in a little time?

Get your copy now!

ISBN: 9798726089980
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Pub Date: 03/2021
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