Control: Mkultra, Chemtrails and the Conspiracy to Suppress the Masses

Author: Nick Redfern



A compelling look at the hidden schemes to control the masses

of speech. Free exercise of religion. The right to peacefully assemble
and to bear arms. Free will is an integral part of democracy, but how
free are we really? The NSA, computer chips, surveillance cameras,
search engines, social media and major corporations spy on our every
move and try to influence our every decision. Big Ag and Big Pharma sell
us food, medication and drink of dubious benefits. The media, fake
media and out right propaganda try to tell us what to think. Our every
computer key stroke and purchase is exploited.

A thorough review the history of government mind and population control
and the modern acceleration of attempts to dominate the masses, Control: MKUltra, Chemtrails and the Conspiracy to Suppress the Masses
exposes the efforts of the government, big corporations and the
privileged few to manipulate the thoughts, behaviors, and actions of the
population. It investigates coercive methods and techniques from
chemicals in our air, food and water to tracking our every move,
purchase, phone call and touch of a keyboard.

Shadowy government programs, unexplained events, and their chilling
legacies are illuminated, including MKUltra, chemtrails, HAARP, NSA,
CIA, NASA, UFOs, RFID chips, Project Monarch, Montauk Project,
government LSD experiments, as well as …

  • Edward Snowden’s exposure of the National Security Agency’s top secret program of widespread surveillance

  • NASA and a powerful group control of what we know – or what we don’t know – about the secrets of outer space

  • United States government, military and intelligence us of drones to spy on our every outdoor activity

  • The centuries long use of hypnosis and mind-control to keep people in line through sex

  • The use of high-tech acoustic-weapons to disperse crowds,
    disable an individual in seconds and the sinister experiments to use
    them to control and enslave man.

  • Far-reaching programs to monitor and record us in our very own homes through our phones, computers and everyday appliances.

  • Plots designed to depopulate the human race through murderous viruses.

  • A careful plan to dumb down the population by limiting access
    to the media, banning books, spying on libraries, and denying crucial
    information on world history, politics and more.

  • Big Pharma pushing the use mind-altering medicines, such as
    anti-depressants, mood-altering drugs, anti-anxiety meds, and
    sleeping-pills to encourage lethargy–and gain control.

  • A ruse designed to take away our freedoms under the guise of a bogus alien attack.

  • And, much, much more!!!
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    Pub Date: 04/2018
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