Conjuration: Hoodoo Spells from 1800 to 1920

Author: Talia Felix


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Previously published as Conjurin’ Ole Time, this up-to-date version has been enlarged, corrected, revised and filled with all-new workings from real historical sources The magical art of hoodoo has been misunderstood throughout its existence. With this historic treasury, you will be able to see the genuine style of spell used by the practitioners of old time, including spells from Doctor Buzzard, Marie Laveau, Zora Neale Hurston and others. This new edition is conveniently organized by spell intent for easy reference. Conjurations for: CONJURE BAGS, HANDS, MOJOS & GRIS-GRIS – BOTTLES & GOURDS – SIGILS & SACRED WRITINGS – DANCES – LOVE SPELLS – FIDELITY – MARRIAGE – REMOVING LOVE RIVALS – RETURNING LOST LOVERS – MONEY SPELLS – WIN AT GAMBLING – BUSINESS SUCCESS – JOB GETTING – VICTORY IN COURT – ESCAPING LEGAL TROUBLE – GET OUT OF JAIL – AVOIDING CAPTURE – GAINING JUSTICE – JINX, HARM & DEATH SPELLS – VOODOO DOLLS – PROTECTION & JINX-REMOVAL – REMOVING WITCHCRAFT & CONJURE Over 160 spells

ISBN: 9781537121215
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