Communication Skills: Your Guide to Improving Social Intelligence, Developing Charisma, and Learning How to Talk to Anyone

Author: Devin White


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Publisher: More Books LLC
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The Key to Being Unforgettable is Here – Become a Compelling Communicator & a Better Listener by Learning Powerful Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication Strategies Keep Reading

Are you constantly struggling to put your thoughts into words?

Have your emotions gotten the best of you and caused friction within your team?

Have you always been the meek, shy type who everyone talks over?

Well, not anymore

Become compelling and unforgettable anywhere, anytime with the help of “Communication Skills” by master communicator Devin White

In an age where communication happens mostly through a screen, a lot can get lost in translation. Often times, people can be super charming when chatting online, only to become crippled with social anxiety when it’s time to meet up.

It’s like when you successfully apply for a job online and end up choking when it’s time to do that in-person interview. Or when you exchange messages with someone you like until late at night, but end up speechless on the actual date.

You’re not alone.

We take communication for granted, but what we fail to realize is that it’s the key to fostering better relationships… whether that’s with people we want to know on a personal level, or people we work with.

And if we can’t communicate properly, we are often misunderstood or, worse, forgotten.

This is what “Communication Skills” aims to address

ISBN: 9781954289543
Publisher: More Books LLC
Pub Date: 02/2021
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