Coin Collecting: Learn How to Collect Rare and Valuable Coins (The Official Guide to Coin Collecting and Stamp Collecting)

Author: Walter Yanez


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Publisher: Oliver Leish
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Are you looking to get into the so-called hobby of kings? There were times in history when collecting coins was reserved only for the highest echelons of society. Thankfully, we live in times in which anyone with an interest and a willingness to learn can get started with coin collecting, and showing you how to do that is what this book is all about.

Although a lot of people don’t pay that much attention to coins aside from seeing them as change which they use to pay for things, you can learn a lot by looking at a coin and certain individuals can even determine the history of a certain country by having just a couple of right coins.

You can expect to learn about:

– Where to find valuable coins

– What impacts the value of a coin

– Stamp collecting terminology

– How to get started with stamp collecting

– How to evaluate art pieces

– And a lot more!

There are a lot of things that go into coin collecting if you want to be a successful coin collector. If you are interested in coin collecting, it is necessary to know about things such as places which give you the best odds of coming across valuable coins and advantages and disadvantages of each option, along with what determines a value of a coin and how to look after the coin so that it doesn’t lose its value. Even holding a coin without gloves could be enough to decrease the value of a certain coin.

ISBN: 9781774854082
Publisher: Oliver Leish
Pub Date: 02/2022
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