Codependent: No more Toxic Relationships with Narcissists and Sociopath Personalities. How to Stop Codependency and Recover Your Se

Author: Melody Perry


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Life has become a living hell, and many relationships are failing at an alarming rate

Nothing much is remaining as the codependency becomes a new term in our life.
The first love that lured every Tom and Jerry into a relationship is falling apart, and no one is feeling the same urge to move on with it.

The introduction of self-centered and perfectionism people with dark triad personalities in the love triangle has impacted our blossoming love negatively.

As a result of this, we have come up with this book which will help us to salvage each one of us from the claws of narcissists’ relationships which are marked with manipulation and emotional mistreatments.

The book, “Codependent,” introduces us to the relationships world which comprise of partners depending on each other for their shortcomings.

The main aim of this book is to help you with the knowledge needed to undertake your relationships in the next ladder of life.
The book talks about the different types of codependency within each relationship. You have to take a closer look at these differences so that you identify yourself where you belong. You should go back to the chapters to look at their differences and everything roles within the relationships.
The Codependent book initiates you into the world of self-esteem and improving on your self-love. Managing your confidence and creating a better body image should be part and parcel of your main objective in life. Self-confidence starts with you and the moment you suffer from low self-esteem, then your respect from other people within your relation diminishes.
The techniques you will employ will determine your acceleration speed towards your new life. In this book, there are several techniques that you can eventually use to begin your journey of happiness and recovery.
The book is highly detailed with guidelines and facts that I cannot explain all of it here. However, reading it will give you a better perspective, and in the end, you will realize its importance. It has the best techniques to solve our daily problems that have invaded our relationships rendering us to the whisk of death from the manipulators.

Therefore, as I thank you once more for having chosen this book, I would like to reassure you that inside you will also get the following:

  • How to end the toxic relationships with narcissists

  • Why stopping and ending relationship involving narcissists is difficult

  • Why you should use meditation as the ultimate technique in reclaiming your happiness back.

  • And much more…

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ISBN: 9798630479389
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