Climate Change For Kids: Our Planet Is In Our Hands


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‘Climate Change For Kids’ is an easy book to read for both parents and children who want to learn and discover about climate change, planet earth and how to help save our earth. This book also covers what causes climate change and how simple changes to our lifestyle and daily activities can help slow down climate change and prevent natural disasters from happening globally. This book is designed to help young children and remind adults the benefits of looking after planet earth.

The story is a fictional conversation between a duck and a dog as they take a walk together and observe the effects of pollution around them.

The story is told beautifully and with great emphasis on change. The planet is in our hands and we have the controls to change. This is not only a responsibility for change agents but everyone. However we all need to find our own balance and do what makes us feel good. And most importantly, not shame other people for not doing the same thing. Being able to shop sustainable and ethically is a luxury. However we believe making small changes where we can will help.

It is written as a ‘read-aloud’ book for parents and caregivers. It is a fun story with life lessons and actionable steps to achieve within ones own environment. Children of all ages will learn the six ways they can help mother earth, as well as reading for comprehension and new sight words. While adults will also be delighted with its simple language. The book is illustrated with references to planet earth and the positive effects of changed habits.

and is for children’s books. ‘I loved reading about climate change! I’m so glad it was easy for me to read to my mom at bedtime. I will do my part to help by making sure I throw plastics in the blue recycling bin so that my plastics do not cause harm to our planet.’ Momo, aged 7 years.’

This book helped me with my grade 5 Science Project. It was easy to follow along.’ Michaelle 10 year old’

We are convinced it will help share the message to all age groups and become a children’s classic.’

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