Clara and the Curandera/Clara y La Curandera



“Once there was a little girl named Clara, who was grumpy.” She was grumpy about having to take out the trash, having to share her toys with her seven brothers and sisters, and having to read one book a week for school.

And Mami is tired of Clara’s grumpy face, so she sends her daughter to the curandera or healer to ask for help. The curandera gives Clara a list of things to do in the coming week: take out her own trash and the neighbors’ as well; give all of her favorite toys to her brothers and sisters; and read five books instead of one

It’s a difficult, busy week for Clara. But, when the week is over, Clara realizes that she has not had time to feel grumpy. Could it be that helping others makes her feel happy?

In this winning bilingual picture book written by award-winning author Monica Brown and vividly illustrated by Thelma Muraida, children ages 4 8 will cheer for Clara as she learns to focus on others rather than herself.

ISBN: 9781558857001
Publisher: Pinata Books
Pub Date: 10/2011
Format: Hardcover
Weight: 0.94lbs
Size: 8.81h x 11.12w x 0.36d

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Weight 0.94 lbs
Dimensions 8.81 × 11.12 × 0.36 in