Chronicles of Curses Books 1-3



Adored fairy tales as a kid and never quite grew out of them? Love your fantasies written with hard-working heroines, snarky heroes and a dash of romance? Look no further

The Chronicles of Curses omnibus compiles together the first three fairy tale retellings in the series by H. L. Macfarlane into one all new package.

The books contained in this omnibus are:

  • Big, Bad Mister Wolfe
  • Snowstorm King
  • The Tower Without a Door

Book blurbs:

A young girl with an uncertain future. A deceitful conman with something to hide…

When Scarlett Duke discovers the truth about her birthright, she’s whisked away to live with her grandmother in the dark depths of the woods. Desperately trying to reconnect with her estranged family, Scarlett soon finds herself increasingly drawn to the mysterious wandering merchant who saved her life two years prior.

Adrian Wolfe is a merchant and conman with a dark secret. Cursed by Scarlett’s grandmother for one of his tricks, he’s determined to do whatever it takes to rid himself of the spell. And when he lays eyes on Scarlett, he knows he’s found his chance. But as he tries to seduce her and force her grandmother’s hand, they stumble upon something much bigger – a murderous plot involving the entire Duke family.

As they begin unravelling the truth, Adrian can’t help but start falling prey to the shy, innocent charms of the young woman he sought to betray…

What do you do when winter never ends?

Tempestuous, hedonistic Kilian Hale does not wish to be king. Only a curse cast by his father on his deathbed ties him to the throne until his elder brother, Gabriel, returns from war.

Spurned for not possessing the blonde hair and blue eyes of the people of Alder, Elina Brodeur seeks to win their approval by requesting an audience with their cruel, lazy king. But Kilian is not interested in the town’s pleas for extra provisions to help them through the particularly harsh winter, and time and again turns Elina away.

Yet the king soon discovers that he’s met his match in Elina, who strikes a deal with Kilian to get what she wants. But as provisions run low and tensions run high, Kilian struggles to get rid of the crown he never wanted whilst Elina tries to deny her growing feelings for the king she swore to hate.

The appearance of a pair of travelling magicians may just change everything…

Eventually, talking to yourself gets a little boring.

After being locked away for twelve years in an enchanted tower, Princess Genevieve finally decides that enough is enough. She’ll climb out of the window of the tower and…

And that’s where her plan ends. For Genevieve knows nothing of the world – not even the way back to the royal palace and her beloved mother. But when a tired and angry wizard magically appears in the tower just as Genevieve is trying to escape it, she is provided with a very reluctant guide back home.

Julian Thorne has been exploring the world and strengthening his magic for twelve years to avoid coping with the mysterious death of his father. Now shackled with a young woman who claims to be the Princess Genevieve, the wretched wizard becomes embroiled in a conspiracy that may finally give him answers to what happened twelve years ago.

The lives of the two may be far more connected than either of them could have ever imagined.

ISBN: 9781914210013
Publisher: Macfarlane Lantern Publishing
Pub Date: 11/2020
Format: Paperback
Weight: 1.56lbs
Size: 7.80h x 5.08w x 1.62d

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Weight 1.56 lbs
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