Christ Within – Heaven on Earth: A Concise Description of The Journey of The Glorious Sacred Secretion


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This book is the transcript for Kelly-Marie Kerr’s popular YouTube video “Sacred Secretion Christ Oil True Anointing – HEAVEN ON EARTH”. THERE IS NO FURTHER INFORMATION IN THIS BOOK THAN IS AVAILABLE WITHIN THE VIDEO. It is a concise Biblical and physiological understanding of the journey of the Sacred Secretion (Christ Oil or Chrism) through the body; from the Claustrum down to the Sacral pump and back up to the Pineal, Pituitary and Optic Thalamus explained in full. Plus insights on how to preserve it, raise it and see God in the way that Jacob did, “Face to face at Peniel” Genesis 32:30

If you would prefer a more detailed description of the enlightenment process, purchase THE GOD DESIGN: Secrets of the Mind, Body and Soul.

The ascension story and facts are also hidden in the Bible book of Revelation, if you would like to know the true meanings of the codes and symbols purchase ELEVATION: The Divine Power of the Human Body.

Soon to come from Kelly-Marie Kerr is a new title, THE CELL OF LIFE: Awakening and Regenerating.

ISBN: 9781916413702
Publisher: Seek Vision
Pub Date: 06/2018
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