Chakras Healing And Crystals For Beginners: Understanding And Use Of Crystals And Healing Stones. Discovering, Unlocking And Balancing The Chakras for

Author: Frida Wolfe


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Limited Time Offer: Get the books “Chakras Healing For Beginners” & “Crystals For Beginners” in a Special Price

Do you want to know all the secrets of CHAKRA? Do you want to learn how to balance and heal your chakras?

Do you know how to use various types of crystals, to relieve stress and treat your body?

If so, this bundle is for you

In this special package, you’ll get:

The book “Chakras Healing For Beginners”, so you can learn how to balance and heal your chakras.

Chakra Healing for Beginners is an easy guide designed for those principles that know the chakra and how to restore the flow of energy in their body and their soul.

Each chapter includes the secrets of the power of the chakra, including:

– The 7 Chakra points of the body and how they work

– Your chakras – what they are and how they work

– Like chakra’s imbalances affect life

– Do you know how to open your chakras?

– Reiki – the energy that heals the body

– Meditation to open the third eye chakra

The book “Crystal For Beginners”, shows you step by step how to use crystals as “chakras” and the seven “energy centers” with dozens of different applications.

Most importantly, answer your most curious questions by including:

– How to use crystals loaded with earth, water, air and fire?

– How can you find crystal healing therapy?

– Healing crystals for anxiety and stress.

– The best five crystals for developing psychic abilities.

– and a whole lot more that you will find in this fantastic book by Crystals For Beginners

Now you can have it all Balance your chakras, increase your vibration, control your inner energy, get and receive Reiki treatments, attract wealth, health, love and happiness into your life – and start reaping the benefits of all of those books

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