Carla’s Sandwich


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This charming story presents a new way for young children to understand how to creatively embrace who they are, no matter what others think. Carla’s lunch box is filled with odd delights like the Olive, Pickle and Green Bean Sandwich, the Banana-Cottage-Cheese Delight, and the unforgettable Chopped Liver, Potato Chips, and Cucumber Combo. To Carla, they are delicious and creative lunches, but her teasing classmates are unconvinced and abandon her at the lunch table to eat her bizarre sandwiches alone. One day, however, tables turn when Buster–the worst tease of all–forgets his lunch on the day of the picnic and Carla thoughtfully offers him her extra sandwich. Her own spirited nature helps Carla teach her classmates that unusual can actually be good. Lively illustrations help showcase the book’s messages of acceptance, tolerance, individuality, and creativity, and the funny plot and authentic dialogue are sure to make this tale a favorite among elementary school children. Carla’s creative sandwich solutions provide young chefs-to-be with the inspiration to create sandwich masterpieces of their own.

ISBN: 9780972922524
Publisher: Flashlight Press
Pub Date: 09/2004
Format: Hardcover
Weight: 1.05lbs
Size: 9.80h x 10.10w x 0.50d

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Weight 1.05 lbs
Dimensions 9.80 × 10.10 × 0.50 in