Calm: 100 Affirmations for Serenity


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Publisher: Rock Point
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Harnessing the power of positive thinking to uplift, encourage, and inspire, Calm: 100 Affirmations for Serenity guides you through empowering affirmations and more to achieve personal growth.

The way we speak to ourselves matters. Positive affirmations and meditations are an important tool for personal growth–and these uplifting, inspiring, and motivational statements, when implemented regularly, can have a profound impact on our lives.

This mindful book incorporates original, modern, and charming line art on every page as well as 100 guided affirmations to help you reflect, maintain positivity, and grow as a person.

Here is a sample of the type of guided affirmation included in this beautifully designed book:
Today’s affirmation: I embrace myself in this moment.

Why is this affirmation powerful?: Embracing yourself exactly as you are in this moment is an excellent way to cultivate self-acceptance and self-love. Whatever you’re feeling in this moment, whether positive or negative, this meditation reminds us that every expression of ourselves is worthy of love.

Journaling prompt: Let’s cultivate a little mindfulness and connect to the present moment. Take a few breaths and close your eyes. How do you feel exactly in this moment? What thoughts are going through your mind? How does your body feel? Journal anything that comes up.

Bonus exercise: Give yourself a hug for at least 30 seconds. I know this might sound strange, but it’s a great way to self-soothe.

ISBN: 9781631068645
Publisher: Rock Point
Pub Date: 09/2022
Format: Hardcover
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Weight 0.45 lbs
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