Calisthenics: How to Make Your Dream Body and Proven Guide to Get Muscles Create the Physique You Want (Calisthenics to Look and Fee



Calisthenics is a collection of body weight exercises that you can do to achieve fitness .

It takes a lot of hard work, practice and dedication to perform many of the exercises or moves that you could potentially do in calisthenics. To fully carry out these movements, body strength, patience and grace are all necessities. If you are not overly strong or balanced, calisthenics may seem impossible. However, you can perform these moves without struggle – in time – simply by familiarizing yourself with them and practicing them.

You’ll Discover:

– Simple step progression system to challenge any fitness level.

– Basic Chain Training approach to work your muscles for developing both aesthetics and functional strength.

– Focus on the exercises that make it easier to work your muscles harder.

– Specialty-designed tension control and stability warm-ups in every workout to decrease joint stress and increase muscle activation.

– Why Choose? Strength and hypertrophy phases in every workout ensure you can build both raw strength and muscle mass in every single workout.

– Supplemental isolation exercises to strengthen weaknesses or muscles that are stubborn to grow.

This book will teach you how to build muscle with calisthenics, how to get started on your calisthenics journey, build strength using calisthenics, and construct your own workout regimen.

Calisthenics is a strength training method or technique that doesn’t require barbells, dumbbells or other weight lifting equipment. All you need is your body and a couple of fixed items such as a pole.

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