Calder Grit

Author: Janet Dailey


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With all the intense drama, historical detail and grand sweep of her original New York Times bestselling Calder series, Dailey returns to 1909 Montana, as tensions mount between immigrant homesteaders and cattlemen determined to keep the range free. Adding a Romeo and Juliet romance with shades of Legends of the Fall to a compelling plot that pits farmer against cattleman and brother against brother, Dailey brings fresh life to the story of America’s westward expansion. Now in Mass Market Max for the first time!

Summer 1909: A battle rages in Blue Moon, Montana, between immigrant homesteaders and cattlemen determined to keep the range free. In a fierce struggle that echoes the challenges of today, history is made.

Blake Dollarhide is a rancher’s son and the ambitious young owner of Blue Moon’s lumber mill. When his spoiled half-brother takes advantage of the innocent daughter of a homesteading family, Blake steps in as Hanna Anderson’s bridegroom to restore her honor and give her unborn child his name. But Blake doesn’t count on the storm of feelings he develops for sweet Hanna. As the range war escalates, everyone wonders if Blake will stand by his close-knit community, or the wife he took in name only . . .

A marriage of love is more than Hanna ever dreamed of. For her family, surviving the rugged trip west, claiming a parcel of land and planting their first crops are all that matter. Now, even as she longs to trust the passionate bond between her and Blake, Hanna knows it will take courage to overcome their differences. And even greater strength to put down roots in this wild new country.
The epic tale of the settling of the American West comes to vivid life in this inspiring saga of love, hope and endurance.

ISBN: 9798885786584
Publisher: Large Print Press
Pub Date: 03/2023
Format: Paperback
Large Print

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