Calalus: A Roman Jewish Colony in America from the Time of Charlemagne Through Alfred the Great – Exact Photocopy 2020 Reprinti


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Cyclone Covey: ” My Father] was not afraid to espouse unpopular or unconventional ideas if that’s where his research led him.Such was the case with his 1975 book, “Calalus.” Covey proposed a theory that a group of Roman Jews discovered America centuries before Christopher Columbus and established a colony in Tucson, Ariz. The theory, based off an archeological find, is a controversial one with many scholars discrediting the validity of the artifacts.”He encountered barriers because of the historians who were his peers that didn’t like the conclusions he came up,”It didn’t stop him, and he taught his children the same lesson.”He went ahead and published,” his daughter said. “That’s what you do. That’s what he taught us. You go with the evidence. You make sure the evidence is clear, you make conclusions. Then you stand by the truth.”Although proven in many respects to be authentic artifacts, the academics are still kicking at the pricks trying to render this amazing discovery as a hoax, what are they afraid of? In this book is given thee most honest and best assessment of the discovery of what is known as the Tucson Lead Crosses, telling the story of a Roman Jewish Colony and presented by a well respected Professor of Wake Forest University, an assessment that in and of itself shows clearly that Roman Jewish Colonies visited this land in 775 AD and until about 1050 AD even mentioning an earlier colonization as early as 100 BC. When truth presents itself it in the face of a lie, the lie will always lash out at the truth in an attempt to discredit.

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