Buddha’s Little Finger


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Russian novelist Victor Pelevin is rapidly establishing himself as one of the most brilliant young writers at work today. His comic inventiveness and mind-bending talent prompted Time magazine to proclaim him a psychedelic Nabokov for the cyber-age. In his third novel, Buddha’s Little Finger, Pelevin has created an intellectually dazzling tale about identity and Russian history, as well as a spectacular elaboration of Buddhist philosophy. Moving between events of the Russian Civil War of 1919 and the thoughts of a man incarcerated in a contemporary Moscow psychiatric hospital, Buddha’s Little Finger is a work of demonic absurdism by a writer who continues to delight and astonish.

ISBN: 9780141002323
Publisher: Penguin Books
Pub Date: 12/2001
Format: Paperback
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Size: 7.76h x 5.03w x 0.77d

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Weight 0.62 lbs
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