Brujo: Grimoire of a Puerto Rican Witch


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Brujería is the Spanish word for witchcraft. A male witch is called a Brujo and a female witch is a Bruja. Brujería is a spiritual path based on personal power and direct contact with spirit. I am a Puerto Rican man who has been practicing magic since childhood. This book is written to be a standalone manual on how you can start practicing ancestral witchcraft. Everything I teach is “open”. That means anyone of any ethnicity can practice without fear of cultural appropriation. Puerto Rican traditional healing practices are born from several religious traditions that evolved on the island and in the United States. Those are the indigenous spirituality of Native Americans, African Traditional Religions, Folk Catholicism, and European Spiritism. Traditional healers have the ability to use the essence of herbs, roots, and flowers to bring mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being to their clients. They do this by enhancing herbal preparations with music, dance, prayer, and the petitioning of spirits. This is not faith-based healing, nor are the medicines snake oils. The herbs, roots, and flowers that are used have real physiological effects as observed and practiced by native people from antiquity. The herbal remedies that are made can be teas, tinctures, and tonics for ingestion or salves, infused oils, and baths for topical use. Lighting candles, charging crystals, doing spiritual investigations, and working with spiritual energies are also used in this tradition. These therapies are complementary to and used in conjunction with Western Medicine to treat a variety of ailments.

ISBN: 9798524123008
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Pub Date: 10/2021
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