Britannica All New Kids’ Encyclopedia: What We Know & What We Don’t



This limited, luxury, collector’s edition of Britannica’s new encyclopedia for kids features a slipcase, gold page-edges, two ribbon markers, and a numbered (1 of 500) book plate signed by Christopher Lloyd and J.E. Luebering from Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Featuring up-to-the-minute information from Britannica, one of the world’s most trusted sources of knowledge, this new encyclopedia brings home the joy of learning, and features over a thousand illustrations, photographs and maps. Page by page, you’ll discover the story of the Universe, Earth, Matter, Life, Humans, Ancient & Medieval Times, Modern Times, and the dynamic worlds of Today & Tomorrow.

In keeping with Britannica’s reputation for expert involvement, each spread includes a credit to the expert consultant involved with its creation, and special features highlight some of the most intriguing unsolved puzzles in science, archaeology, history, and engineering. Perhaps today’s young readers will discover the answers to these mysteries

This gorgeous volume is a modern classic, and will inspire curiosity and delight in every reader.

ISBN: 9781913750039
Publisher: Britannica Books
Pub Date: 11/2020
Format: Hardcover
Weight: 5.50lbs
Size: 14.00h x 9.20w x 2.40d

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Weight 5.50 lbs
Dimensions 14.00 × 9.20 × 2.40 in