Bright Spear Trilogy: A Gothic Scottish Fairy Tale



Delve into the twisted, magical world of H. L. Macfarlane’s Bright Spear trilogy, now compiled into a box set for the first time

Set in Regency-era Scotland along the beautiful shore of Loch Lomond, Prince of Foxes is based on the Scots tale of Gold Tree and Silver Tree, with Lord of Horses moving down to the dark streets of London and based on the tale of The Kelpie’s Bride. King of Forever, the final story in the trilogy, is set in the faerie realm itself and is based on the tale of Tam Lin and the myth of Hades and Persephone.

Fall in love with the series readers have described as delightful, compelling and enchanting.

Inside this box set:


Prince of Foxes

Sometimes a fox is not a fox, and a man is not what he seems.

When Lachlan, the golden Prince of Faeries, is transformed into a fox and banished from the forest on the eve of his mother’s funeral, the last creature he expects to seek help from is a human.

But Sorcha Darrow is not so easily enchanted by the wily faerie. Only after discovering her father means to marry her to a wealthy Londoner does she decide to help him, seeking the power of a being even Lachlan is wary of: a kelpie. In finding one Sorcha hopes that she may just avoid her own dire fate in the process.

With Sorcha’s dreams being their only true form of communication, Lachlan has to race against time to break his curse and take his place as king before he’s doomed to live as a fox forever.

But someone else is after the throne, and may just use Sorcha’s growing connection to Lachlan to reach it.


Lord of Horses

Sometimes a villain is not a villain, and first impressions have to change…

When the disgraced kelpie of Loch Lomond, Murdoch, discovers a new threat to his homeland, he finds a loophole in his banishment to show up at Sorcha Darrow’s door. Despite initial misgivings about Murdoch’s plea for help, Sorcha quickly agrees to help the creature out of guilt for what she did to him two years ago in the faerie realm.

Lachlan, now the King of the Seelie Court, is less than happy about the kelpie’s reappearance by Sorcha’s side. Fuelled by jealousy and possessiveness he considers once more finding out his mortal paramour’s full name in order to take her away from Murdoch forever.

But trouble is brewing between the Seelie and Unseelie Courts, and Murdoch and Sorcha – now travelling down to London to deal with the threat to their home – may just be caught in the middle of it.


King of Forever

Sometimes protecting those we love means working with those we hate.

Seven years ago Sorcha saved the life of Lachlan, Crown Prince of the Seelie Court, and became the object of affection for the kelpie, Murdoch, who sought to best him and destroy the court from within.

Five years ago she saved them both from the wrath of the Unseelie king by giving up half her life.

Now it’s time to pay up.

The last thing Sorcha wanted was an immortal life, but now she may not have a choice in the matter.

For King Eirian wants nothing more than to rule over his Seelie brethren and take control of the kelpie’s powers, and has no qualms about using the mortal woman they both love to do it.

ISBN: 9781914210006
Publisher: Macfarlane Lantern Publishing
Pub Date: 11/2020
Format: Paperback
Weight: 1.53lbs
Size: 7.81h x 5.06w x 1.59d

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Weight 1.53 lbs
Dimensions 7.81 × 5.06 × 1.59 in