Brian Froud’s Faeries’ Tales


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Publisher: ABRAMS
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Following in the footsteps of Trolls, Brian and Wendy Froud lead readers deep into the world of faeries. Humans throughout history have always had special relationships and bonds with faeries, whether loving and helpful or at times destructive. This new book explores that complex relationship and the liminal state between the human and faery world where interaction occurs.
In Brian Froud’s Faeries’ Tales, readers encounter individual faeries, each with a story to uncover, as told by the faeries themselves. Many of the stories are familiar to humans, but the “true” story is told by the faeries. Similar to the Trolls fragments, the faeries’ tales are coupled with portraits and interspersed with drawings and studies of the mysterious and enchanting folk who travel back and forth between the human world and theirs.

ISBN: 9781419713866
Publisher: ABRAMS
Pub Date: 09/2014
Format: Hardcover
Weight: 3.35lbs
Size: 13.10h x 11.20w x 0.90d

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Weight 3.35 lbs
Dimensions 13.10 × 11.20 × 0.90 in