Boldly You: A Story about Discovering What You’re Capable of When You Show Up for Yourself


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Boldly You: A Story about Discovering What You’re Capable of When You Show Up for Yourself is a close-up look at the hardships, life lessons, and stories of resilience of author Janet T. Phan. In this honest, insightful, heartfelt account of Janet’s experience as a young woman struggling to overcome the obstacles in her life, readers will find wisdom and advice to help them rise above their own circumstances, recognize their limitless potential, and achieve their goals. This book is about what’s possible in a person’s life when they recognize that they have the power to define their future.

​As a young woman, Janet faced countless realities that made her path to success difficult. Her family relied on government subsidies, such as housing and free meals at school. Her first-generation Vietnamese parents, in a culture so different from their own, didn’t always understand how to support her curiosity, ambitions, and goals. But she believed in herself and had the courage to act on those beliefs, so she found a way to build a community around her and develop the skills she needed to make top grades throughout her education while working multiple jobs and pursuing her dreams. In her book, Janet shares the key takeaways from her experiences that led to her success today as a driving force impacting the STEM field and as the Founder and Executive Director of Thriving Elements, a nonprofit dedicated to providing access and opportunities for underserved, underrepresented girls through STEM mentorship. Boldly You is a self-help book that reads like a charged and poignant memoir.

Written for high school and college students, young professionals, and all those who are dreaming of their future or figuring out their paths in life, this book will inspire and guide. Every chapter concludes with Thriving Elements, critical learnings from the author’s journey that will help readers show up for themselves, be open-minded, build their confidence, be situationally aware, and be biased for action. Janet’s story is proof that you can be your own person and create the life you want.

ISBN: 9781735424590
Publisher: Fast Company Press
Pub Date: 05/2022
Format: Hardcover
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