Body Neutrality: The Liberating Practice of Accepting Your Body Exactly as It Is


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Break up with diet culture and make peace with your body. Learn simple, practical strategies to help you accept and respect your body exactly as it is right now.

For too long, women have lived under the weight of a societal obsession with beauty. It’s not enough that we are teachers, scientists, nurturers, visionaries, innovators, leaders, entrepreneurs, encouragers, artists, and healers. We must also be beautiful.

“We are all beautiful “, they say. “Love your body “, they shout from little squares in our Instagram feeds. But that’s really hard to do. More than half of all women struggle with negative body image. Disordered eating patterns are incredibly common. Diet culture permeates every part of life, trying to convince us we are not good enough.

But what if loving your body doesn’t mean what we think it means? What if we don’t have to love the way we look? There’s a better way to combat negative body image and diet culture, and it doesn’t come with a new standard of beauty. By practicing body neutrality, we can learn to peacefully dwell in our bodies and stop thinking so much about how we look.

This book is for every woman out there who is tired of hating her body. This is for every woman who is ready to show her body radical acceptance and respect. This is for every woman who is tired of being boxed into spaces she no longer fits and is ready for liberation.

ISBN: 9798580758312
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Pub Date: 12/2020
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