Blippi: Music Player Storybook



Read the engaging story about Blippi imagining himself driving all kinds of vehicles, and play the discs in the music player to hear Blippi speak directly to you and to listen to 12 instrumental tunes based on his popular songs!

When a super sports car speeds past Blippi one day, he begins to wonder what would be the perfect vehicle for him. Would it be a sports car, a fire truck, an excavator, a boat, an airplane, or something else? Read this humorous story and follow the prompts on the page to play the discs that come with the music player. You’ll hear Blippi speak about each kind of vehicle and listen to tunes based on some of his most popular songs. There are 12 instrumental tunes in all, and Blippi introduces each one!

ISBN: 9780794449674
Publisher: Studio Fun International
Pub Date: 10/2022
Format: Hardcover

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