Birds Hold our Secrets: A Caritas Story of Grief and Remembering



An important addition to the literature of Unitary Caring Science and Conscious Dying, Birds Hold Our Secrets explores the universal question of how do we, as nurses, nurse our own?

Drawing on her many years as a nurse, mother and wife, Biley tenderly takes us on an autoethnographic journey of conscious dying as she supports her beloved nurse academic husband Fran. Diagnosed with cancer, Fran’s wish was to die mindfully – whatever the circumstances. Anna travels alongside whilst trying to balance normality in family life. Painfully tender, Anna offers an insight in what it’s like to consciously care for a loved one the way they wish to die – honoring the sacred covenant until the end. Biley skillfully guides the reader on a Caritas pilgrimage as she lives out Caring Science principles, digging deep to remember her life’s purpose, which resonates for us all.

The book offers important advice and new thinking on issues surrounding grief, death and dying, Caring Science, Human Caring Theory, the 10 Caritas Processes (r) Conscious Dying, Healthcare Systems, Nursing and Palliative Care.

READERSHIP This story will touch anyone experiencing grief or death of a loved one. Nurses, Chief Nurse Officers and Healthcare Professionals using Caring Science Theory. Conscious Dying Institutes and Hospice workers can use it as a guide for families and others as inspiration. Holistic Health Practitioners, Therapists and Mindfullness practitioners. Poetry – using the ‘cut up technique’ inspired by William Burroughs. Autoethnograghy.

ISBN: 9781733123204
Publisher: Watson Caring Science Institute
Pub Date: 09/2019
Format: Paperback
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Size: 7.81h x 5.06w x 0.33d

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Weight 0.32 lbs
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