Biography of Silence: An Essay on Meditation



A publishing phenomenon in Spain: a moving, lyrical, far-ranging meditation on the deep joys of confronting oneself through silence by a Spanish priest and Zen disciple.

With silence increasingly becoming a stranger to us, one man set out to become its intimate: Pablo d’Ors, a Catholic priest whose life was changed by Zen meditation. With disarming honesty and directness, as well as a striking clarity of language, d’Ors shares his struggles as a beginning meditator: the tedium, restlessness, and distraction. But, persevering, the author discovers not only a deep peace and understanding of his true nature, but also that silence, rather than being a retreat from life, offers us an intense engagement with life just as it is. Imbued with a rare beauty, Biography of Silence shows us the deep joy of silence that is available to us all.

ISBN: 9781946764232
Publisher: Parallax Press
Pub Date: 10/2018
Format: Hardcover
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Size: 6.60h x 4.60w x 0.50d

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Weight 0.35 lbs
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