Binary Puzzle Books for Adults: Binario Binairo Takuzu Math Logic Puzzles Easy to Hard


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Binary Puzzle Book

If you enjoy Math Logic Puzzles like Sudoku then you will love Binary Puzzles.

Binary Puzzles (also known Takuzu, Binairo, Binero or Binario) is a logic puzzle involving placement of two symbols, 1s and 0s, on a rectangular grid.

The objective is to fill the grid with 1s and 0s, where there is an equal number of 1s and 0s in each row and column and no more than two of either number adjacent to each other.

Additionally, there can be no identical rows or columns. Similar to Sudoku each puzzle begins with several squares in the grid already filled.

This Binary Puzzle Book is a fun way for teens or adults to sharpen their minds and test their logic. Featuring 156 Puzzles with 3 different difficulties.

Book Features:

  • Loads of Puzzles: 48 Easy, 54 Medium and 54 Hard
  • Large print – 2 Puzzles Per Page – Plenty of Space
  • Perfectly Sized – 7″ x 10″
  • Premium Matte Color cover design

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ISBN: 9798677782404
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Pub Date: 08/2020
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Large Print
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Weight 0.45 lbs
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