Bigfoot: Surprising Encounters With Bigfoot in the United States (A Collection of Unsettling Encounters)

Author: Ursula Vega



This book was made from a few reports and some commentary and analysis of what was reported. The reports are what people said they saw. In this book, the reports are relayed as they were reported and accompanied by the comments and notes my father wrote down pertaining to each report he was given.

Was it a bigfoot? Was it a dogman? Was it something else altogether? That will be left up to you to decide.

A passionate team of bigfoot enthusiasts is bringing you eight brand new and true bigfoot stories that have never been covered before!

  • Find out what happens when an investigative journalist accidentally ends up on a tiny, bigfoot-infested island.
  • Immerse yourself in the history of a once beautiful resort that had to close after decades of bigfoot encounters.
  • Explore a journal entry of a polish woodsman that slowly realizes that what he saw in a deep forest has changed him forever.
  • Read about methods that modern bigfoot surveillance groups use to track the ever-evasive legend.

Many people across the world believe in an ape-like humanoid creature who is covered with hair and walks on two legs. Those who claim to have seen this creature generally say that he has reddish-brown hair, is approximately seven to 10 feet tall, has a conical-shaped head, emits a powerfully obnoxious stench, and has enormous, human-like feet. In the united states, this creature is known as the sasquatch or bigfoot.

ISBN: 9781774856024
Publisher: Darby Connor
Pub Date: 06/2022
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