Big Foot or Sasquatch, I Believe



As I grew up in the ’50s, we didn’t hear anything about Bigfoot. Growing up in the timber business and in the woods a lot, I saw things that I questioned as to what made or caused them-a small tree broke over up to eight to ten feet or trees in a teepee together or rocks piled on top of each other in places where no people would have been and where roots had been dug up and stumps dug up. Bears do not do these kinds of things, and we didn’t have many bears in our area anyhow.

Then in the ’70s, the Bigfoot stories started mostly from the Western states and the Rocky Mountains. So I stated putting two and two together if it was true, a creature in the woods that would do all these things that I saw. I started slowly becoming a believer in this creature. What else would do all these things?

I never worried about what people thought of me. So I started talking to people about Bigfoot, and that I believed in them. After a number of years, these people started coming to me with these stories about their sightings. Many people told me to write about Bigfoot, so here it is, the true stories of happenings from myself and other people. Now do you believe?

ISBN: 9781648018749
Publisher: Newman Springs Publishing, Inc.
Pub Date: 01/2021
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