Best of Polish Fairy Tales



The book includes more than 100 illustrations.
The book comprises 50 folk tales. The tales were translated in 2016 and had never been published in English before.
Be sure to choose the compilation for the best fairy tales ever written.
Children’s fairy tales teach our little ones to be both civil and creative while helping them develop important personal traits.
This book comprises the following 50 fairy tales:
1.Maria: What Is Destined to Come Shall Come
2.Anuszka the Golden Braid
3.About Two Girls – A Kind One and a Wicked One
4.The Girl and the Prince in the Cow’s Skin
5.Lazy Girl
7.Three Lamps
8.About a Simple Man Who Comforted His Master
9.People Getting Rich
10.Extraordinary Wife
11.Owl and the Hawk
12.The Reason Why the Hare Eats No Meat
13.Dog’s Winter Thoughts and Summer Thoughts
14.Is there justice in this world?
15.Mazek’s Debt
16.Very Worst Punishment
17.It Does not Stab, nor Does It Shoot, yet It Knocks One Senseless
18.About a Rich Gentleman
19.How a Smith Worked His Way to Heaven
20.About a Prince Who Did not Want to Die
21.A Present for the Kings’ Godson
22.About the King’s Son
23.How a Simple Man’s Son Became the King and Married a Sea Girl
24.How the Dog Got the Wolf Wear Boots
25.Gustek’s Misfortune
26.Two Brothers
27.Miracle at the Mill
28.Lark and the Wolf
29.Spellbound Pike
30.Ostruda Stone
31.The Dwarf and the Bear
32.Nobleman and Michal
33.Punished for Guile
35.Ram Brother and Duck Sister
37.Golden Fish
38.Gold Trot
39.Healing Water
40.Prince and His Helpers
41.About a Cockerel
42.Fisherman’s Son and the Water Man’s Daughter
43.Boy and His Dog and Cat, and the Lion Cub
44.One Who Went to Ask the Sun
45.Magic Gun, Fiddle, and Boots
46.Glass Hill
49.Tailor’s Wife and the Countess
50.How the Slug Defeated the Fox.

It also includes awesome illustrations that go right along with the story.

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Pub Date: 05/2015
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