Bedtime Meditation for Kids: Beautiful Yoga Nidras to Guide Your Kids to Dreamland: An Assorted Collection of Dreamy Visualization Stories to Help


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Does your child find it difficult to get a peaceful sleep at night?

Kids nowadays grow up in very noisy environment. Electronic gadgets like television and smartphone have drained their imagination and creativity completely, making it harder for them to sleep.

Being people who work with children on a daily basis, we know exactly what the problem is – Mental Peace

After years of our experience and research in this field, we came up with a unique and highly effective solution, especially for today’s children who have trouble getting a sound sleep at night.

This book right here is everything you have been looking for.

Inside this storybook, you will find 5 beautiful sleep stories. Apart from the wonderful magical journeys, these stories also have important morals and values at the end.

The stories use elements of life, nature, and magic to make your children feel like they are actually inside a dream. The audio format of this book also has beautiful background music and realistic sound effects for a much more immersive experience.
Also, this book is scientifically written, and uses basic mindfulness techniques such as deep breathing, and stretching in each story to help children relax their mind and body completely.

These divine meditation stories will –

  • Help your child slowly drift into the most wonderful sleep every single night
  • Help them reconnect with their vivid imagination and creativity
  • Calm their mind and body naturally
  • Teach them important morals and values
  • Improve their focus and overall mental health
  • Make them feel grateful for everything they have
  • Make them more loving and caring towards people
  • Help them attain true mental peace above all

Even if your child is unable to sleep after listening to the most famous traditional sleep stories, the unique magical sleep journeys inside this storybook would most definitely make them drift into a very deep and relaxing sleep.
If you want to gift your little one the best sleep of their life, then simply click the buy now button on this page to get started.

ISBN: 9781671651364
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Pub Date: 10/2019
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Weight 0.24 lbs
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