Becoming His Monster: Playing with Monsters


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Publisher: Amelia Hutchins
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Sacrifice your soul? Check. Die to protect those you love? Check. Come back as something the world hasn’t seen since the dawn of mankind? Check. Make those who hurt me wish the Gods had never created them? I’m still working on this one…Are you ready to play? I’m coming back. I’m more, darker, deadlier, and I’m pissed. Heaven has fallen, Hell has risen and the walls that once protected man from monsters are down. Foe’s become friends, enemies become lovers, and this world is thrown into chaos unlike anything it’s ever seen before. I’m ready to play now, I’m ready to win. This is the third book in the award winning Playing with Monsters series.Reading order for those who are following the story-line and want the full experience. Fighting Destiny Taunting Destiny Escaping Destiny Seducing Destiny A Demon’s Dark Embrace Playing with Monsters Unraveling Destiny Sleeping with Monsters Claiming the Dragon King Oh, Holy Knight – in Such Violent Delight Anthology Becoming his Monster Series that standalone A Guardian’s Diary series Darkest before Dawn Death Before Dawn Midnight Rising (Coming soon)

ISBN: 9780997720129
Publisher: Amelia Hutchins
Pub Date: 01/2019
Format: Paperback
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Size: 8.00h x 5.00w x 0.73d

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Weight 0.77 lbs
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