Bayesian Probability for Babies


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Fans of Chris Ferrie’s Rocket Science for Babies, Astrophysics for Babies, and 8 Little Planets will love this introduction to the basic principles of probability for babies and toddlers

Help your future genius become the smartest baby in the room It only takes a small spark to ignite a child’s mind.

If you took a bite out of a cookie and that bite has no candy in it, what is the probability that bite came from a candy cookie or a cookie with no candy? You and baby will find out the probability and discover it through different types of distribution.

Yet another Baby University board book full of simple explanations of complex ideas written by an expert for your future genius

If you’re looking for baby math books, probability for kids, or more Baby University board books to surprise your little one, look no further Bayesian Probability for Babies offers fun early learning for your little scientist

ISBN: 9781492680796
Publisher: Sourcebooks Explore
Pub Date: 07/2019
Format: Board Books
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Size: 7.90h x 8.00w x 0.50d

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Weight 0.70 lbs
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