Bamai Qigong: The Integration of Eight Trigrams, Eight Extraordinary Channels, and Eight Brocades Medical Qigong


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Ba Mai Qigong refers to the combination of Ba Gua (Eight Trigrams), Ba Duan Jin (Eight Brocades) Qigong, and the eight extraordinary channels in Chinese Medicine. Ba Duan Jin is the most popular form of Qigong. However, the background, health benefits and advanced practice of the Qigong are hardly seen for Qigong practitioners. The book uses the doctrine of the Eight Trigrams to explain the origin and dynamics of Qi, uses the movements in Ba Duan Jin Qigong to prepare the body and strengthen Qi, and eight extraordinary channels to clarify how to guide meditation and the movement Qi. The book also explains the eight levels of practicing medical Qigong based on Dr. Hui Zhang’ personal practice of Qigong and Chinese Medicine and the study of Qigong classics and researches. You will have four benefits through reading the book.1. Overall understanding of Qi;2. Details of practicing the Ba Duan Jin i.e Eight Brocades Medical Qigong, not only the movements but also breathing and meditation techniques;3. Background knowledge of the Ba Gua i.e. Eight Trigrams and the Ba Mai i.e. eight extraordinary channels;4. Clear perception of the eight levels of practicing Qigong.

ISBN: 9788797133705
Publisher: Heyttu Academic Publishing
Pub Date: 03/2020
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