Backgammon: From Basics to Badass


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“Backgammon – From basics to badass” is the cutting edge, modern backgammon book, which teaches you all the basic concepts and principles in the game. It beats the older backgammon theory books by a mile. It starts out softly, but don’t let this fool you The book is full of insights from a true expert. The philosophy is a thorough and well structured learning, which leaves you no gaps in your game comprehension, as well asbringing new theory to the backgammon literature, for instance “the value-equation” and probability tables on jumping primes.
It is very easy to read even for beginners. The purpose of the book is to connect the basic theory with the advanced theory. All earlier backgammon books tends to focus on just one of these categories.
Since publication in Denmark early 2013, this book is now owned by roughly half of the members of the Danish Backgammon Federation, the worlds largest backgammon federation.
When writing this book, Marc was ranked frst in the Danish rating system.
In 2014 Marc won his frst “Grand Slam”, the prestigious international tournament: Nordic Open in Copenhagen.

“It’s my humble opinion, that this is a must-read for everyone who wants to take his game to another level. The book is highly informative, easy to read and packed with educational positions. I’ve been privileged to know Marc for many years, and he is currently the best backgammon tutor in the world. Don’t waste this formidable chance, buy this book right away “– Sander Lylloff, the best backgammon player in the world.

“Tremendous all-round book which suits backgammon players of all levels. It presents the concepts in a sharp but still educational way. The book has numerous new approaches to the facets of the game, that can be very complex. It appeals to new, as well as more experienced players. I’m positive that everybody can obtain new knowledge and inspiration. Read it “– Karsten Bredahl, Super Grand Master and double winner of Nordic Open.

“Marc has truly succeeded in writing a book, which starts from the bottom and ends on a very high level, without the usual gaps you can encounter. It is a solid book that everybody can beneft from, regardless of experience. The examples and explanations are top notch.”– Peter Hallberg, backgammon world champion 2004.

ISBN: 9781512200447
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