Back Door Into Hermetics: A Guide to Becoming Initiated into the Mysteries


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“Back Door Into Hermetics” is a groundbreaking work in spiritual development. A spiritual successor to the late mystic Franz Bardon’s book, “Initiation Into Hermetics.” Back Door Into Hermetics is a comprehensive description of the metaphysical principles necessary to attain liberation and freedom, along with detailing immediate steps to accelerate spiritual development. This monumental volume treats spiritual growth with a comprehensive depth that is unique in works of this nature. Back Door Into Hermetics draws upon much-coveted, “closed-door” insider’s information to provide a roadmap toward the soul’s ultimate desired destination. Mark Rasmus has combined his expertise with martial arts and Hermetics to create the Elastic Force System. Considered a master of applied Hermeticism, Mark has taught thousands of students Wing Chun, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and other internal martial arts, and Hermetics over more than three decades. Jake Senn has been a student of Hermetics and the works of Franz Bardon since his early teens. Jake teaches various subjects online, ranging from basic meditation to a 20+ hour video course on emotional intelligence based upon the four elements. Jake has studied over several long periods with Mark in Asia. Part 1: Theory. The reader is introduced to concepts for succeeding with these exercises. This theory section helps create a basis for the practice streams you (the reader) will start in later chapters.Part 2: The Mental, Astral, and Physical Streams of Practice. This section covers streams of practice one must enter to be fully initiated into Hermetics., This unique and effective system emphasizes practicing like a stream, from one activity to the next in great flow and frequency. Success in step one begins advancing the student further and further in all other actions of that stream. Practicing from a variety of approaches in the three taught streams will amplify powers that arise significantly. Part 3: Causation Chains. Covering all of the different causation chains, one can expect rapid progress toward long-term goals and ambitions. Causation chains are much like a row of dominoes– when one is knocked down, the whole row falls. Reverse engineering any skill, using the physical, astral, mental, akashic, and non-dual light skills that you will continually cultivate through practice.By taking a universal approach to spiritual development, “Back Door Into Hermetics” allows a dedicated practitioner to cultivate the most significant personal and spiritual agency levels to be obtained.

ISBN: 9781735771403
Publisher: Garuda Publishing
Pub Date: 09/2020
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