AutoCAD for Land Surveyors: Recommended to surveying students, engineers and employees, and cartographers


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Today, because of the development of electronic surveying systems such as total station devices, we no longer use drawing papers, drafting tables, T-Square rulers, Curve Ruler and the other handy drafting tools for drawing a map, and land surveying software such as Land Desktop, AutoCAD, SDR maps have replaced them very well, because they can meet the user’s needs with more precision and speed, fewer errors and costs in the best way possible. For example, if errors are made while handy drafting and the drawing paper becomes unusable, we must start drawing from the beginning and it requires more time and money. But now using drawing software, maps are printed out only when they are free of drawing and computational errors. When errors are made, it is easy to undo them and we can save time and money more easily. We can also print the map out in different dimensions and scales and map generalizations according to the user’s opinion and so on. Meanwhile, with its capabilities, AutoCAD drafting software helps the surveyors draw in the best way possible. It should be noted of course that AutoCAD has many other practical applications in various engineering and industrial fields such as civil engineering, construction, architecture, mechanical engineering, and other engineering sciences, and given the breadth of this powerful software, each user benefits from parts of the AutoCAD commands and capabilities, depending on their needs and demands. This matter encouraged me to serve the land surveying community by amassing this collection so that we can summarize and teach the AutoCAD commands and capabilities that are used in land surveying and cartography and analyze practical examples. It helps the land surveyors stop spending their time studying books that contain general content about AutoCAD and start learning applied AutoCAD. Having several years of experience in the field of land surveying and cartography of research and executive projects, the author was eager to familiarize the land surveyors with applied, fully functional AutoCAD and to help them learn the AutoCAD commands and capabilities that are practical for map drafting. I have used a lot of examples in the book for the learners and specialized exercises have also been explained in the final chapters.There is an important point to make about the presentation of the examples and exercises: It might be possible for you to find different solutions to solve the examples and exercises in the book and you might solve them using other software or methods. The purpose of presenting these examples and exercises is to help you master these commands. You can also use the commands for other purposes after mastering them.In this set of tutorials, additional topics and other parts of the software that are used in other engineering fields have been avoided. It has simply been collected to help land surveyors and the learning process. There are also other sources that enthusiasts can study to learn other uses of AutoCAD.I hope that you, dear readers, can meet your needs for conducting a land surveying project after reading this book carefully.Javad Noormohammadi

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