Astrology for Kids: A Fun Approach to Learning Star Signs


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Publisher: Gtm Press LLC
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If You’re Looking for a Fun, Age-Appropriate Way to Teach Your Child About Astrology, You Came to the Right Place!

“Astrology for Kids: A Fun Approach to Learning Star Signs” by Discover Press is one bestselling resource that every child will learn a lot from and love.

In this engaging and highly interesting book, your child will:

Learn about the history of where Astrology came from and how it all started

Deep-dive into how people use and rely on astrology in their daily lives

Immerse themselves in all the fun stuff about all the astrological signs as a whole

Most importantly, this book will teach your kids about themselves: what their star sign is, how it affects who they are, and how to maximize their strengths and potential

And so much more!

What sets “Astrology for Kids: A Fun Approach to Learning Star Signs” apart?

It’s not laid out in a typical boring way. With a fun, first-person approach, your child will feel like the author is talking directly at them – which makes them fully engaged in and excited for every chapter!

So, what are you waiting for?

ISBN: 9781955423526
Publisher: Gtm Press LLC
Pub Date: 07/2021
Format: Paperback
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