Assurance: Our Confidence in Christ


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The desire of every genuine believer is to have confidence in their salvation. Christians long for the assurance that God loves them and has forgiven their sins. As the believer experiences the battle with their flesh and the temptations of the world, however, uncertainty and insecurity begin to creep in. Struggling to find objective assurance, many look within to identify consistent evidence of God’s sanctifying grace, only to be disappointed by their own deficiency and inconsistency time and time again. Assurance: Our Confidence in Christ points the reader to the only place where objective assurance can be found, the perfect person and perfect work of Jesus Christ. This concise volume has been compiled from the theological richness of Thomas Goodwin’s Christ Set Forth and seeks to encourage the believer to look to Christ and Christ alone to discover the only secure anchor and resting place for their soul.

“Goodwin represents the best of Puritanism in addressing the intellect, will, and heart. His writings reveal the vigor of earlier Puritans such as William Perkins and Richard Sibbes as well as the mature thought of later Puritan divines, supremely represented by John Owen. If you want to grow in grace and have your soul fed on the deep things of God, read Thomas Goodwin.” Joel Beeke

ISBN: 9781774840764
Publisher: H&e Publishing
Pub Date: 12/2022
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