Assassinorum: Kingmaker

Author: Robert Rath


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Publisher: Games Workshop
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Explore the fascinating relationships between the different Assassinorum Temples in this fantastic novel from Robert Rath.

The Officio Assassinorum safeguards the future of humanity. Its agents are the bloody-handed, secret saviours of the Imperium, killers charged with achieving the impossible… and Vindicare assassin Absolom Raithe has just been handed the most difficult assignment of his career.

The Knight World of Dominion is on the verge of seceding from the Imperium, its court riven by factionalism and ruled by an increasingly unhinged monarch. With the aid of the shapeshifting Callidus assassin Sycorax, Raithe must remove the king from his throne – and safely steer a pro-Imperial candidate to victory through the brutal succession crisis that will inevitably ensue. His team will need to infiltrate a world steeped in chivalric codes, where every move risks discovery, and every threat pilots an adamantine monster… for if the assassins fail, and Dominion falls, the entire sector will be plunged into darkness.

ISBN: 9781800262706
Publisher: Games Workshop
Pub Date: 01/2023
Format: Paperback
Weight: 0.61lbs
Size: 7.80h x 5.10w x 1.16d

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Weight 0.61 lbs
Dimensions 7.80 × 5.10 × 1.16 in